[an error occurred while processing this directive] 05-02 Yusuke OKUYAMA

Linearization problem on structurally finite entire functions


We show that if a 1-hyperbolic structurally finite entire function of type $(p,q)$, $p\ge 1$, is linearizable at an irrationally indifferent fixed point, then its multiplier satisfies the Brjuno condition. We also prove the generalized Ma\~n\'e theorem; if an entire function has only finitely many critical points and asymptotic values, then for every such a non-expanding forward invariant set that is either a Cremer cycle or the boundary of a cycle of Siegel disks, there exists an asymptotic value or a recurrent critical point such that the derived set of its forward orbit contains this invariant set. From it, the concept of $n$-subhyperbolicity naturally arises.

submission: 15 May, 2005
to appear in Kodai Math J.

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