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The Tenth Conference on Real and Complex Analysis
Hiroshima University

Period: November 2 (Thu) - November 4 (Sat), 2006

Venu: B707, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima, JAPAN

This conference is supported by the following JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research:
(A) 17204010 (Conductor: Hiroshige Shiga, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
(B) 17340039 (Conductor: Toshiyuki Sugawa, Hiroshima University)


November 2 (Thursday)

09:30 -- 10:15 Takeo Ohsawa (Nagoya University)
Hartogs type theorems and applications
10:30 -- 11:00 Jisoo Byun (Pusan National University)
On the compactness of automoprhism group of domain in Cn
11:10 -- 11:40 Kang-Hyurk Lee (Seoul National University)
A study of the Wong-Rosay theorem in almost complex manifolds
13:15 -- 14:00 Masaharu Nishio (Osaka City University)
Toeplitz operators on parabolic Bergman spaces (joint work with Noriaki Suzuki and Masahiro Yamada)
14:15 -- 15:00 Boo Rim Choe (Korea University)
Schatten(-Herz) class Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces of the half space
15:30 -- 16:15 Kang-Tae Kim (POSTECH)
CR surfaces with special automorphisms
16:30 -- 17:00 Jae-Cheon Joo (POSTECH)
On the Levenberg-Yamaguchi variation formula for Robin function
17:15 -- 18:00 Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Determination of pseudoconvex domains with smooth boundary in the flag space which is not Stein (joint work with Kang-Tae Kim and N. Levenberg)

November 3 (Friday)

09:30 -- 10:15 Young Joo Lee (Chonnam National University)
Commuting Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space
10:30 -- 11:15 Hong Rae Cho (Pusan National University)
Characterization of BMO or Lipschitz functions by Garsia-type norms (joint work with Jisoo Byun and Yeoung-Tae Seo)
11:30 -- 12:15 Takuya Sobukawa (Okayama University)
Extrapolation theory on function spaces
13:25 -- 14:10 Katsunori Shimomura (Ibaraki University)
Caloric morphism for two radial metrics
14:20 -- 14:50 Sachiko Hamano (Nara Women's University)
Osgood-Hartogs theorem for separately harmonic functions
15:00 -- 15:30 Takuya Hosokawa (Nippon Institute of Technology)
Topological structure of the sets of composition operators on the Bloch spaces
15:50 -- 16:20 Kou Hei Izuchi (Niigata University)
Cross commutators on backward shift invariant subspaces over the bidisk
16:30 -- 17:15 Ern Gun Kwon (Andong National University)
Weighted Bergman spaces with formal weight I
17:30 -- 18:15 Hiroaki Masaoka (Kyoto Sangyo University)
On several classes of harmonic functions on a hyperbolic Riemann surface

November 4 (Saturday)

09:30 -- 10:15 Shuichi Ohno (Nippon Institute of Technology)
Hankel-type operators on the space of bounded harmonic functions
10:30 -- 11:15 Eiichi Nakai (Osaka Kyoiku University)
The Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator and singular integral operators on Orlicz-Morrey spaces
11:30 -- 12:15 Toshihiro Nakanishi (Shimane University)
A trace identity involving four parabolic elements of SL(2,C)
13:30 -- 17:00 Free Discussion

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The above program is subject to change.
E. G. Kwon (Andong National Univ.)
Y. Mizuta (Hiroshima Univ.)
T. Sugawa (Hiroshima Univ.)